Reiki Audio

"This is an excellent tape for beginners and for advanced Reiki practitioners…highly recommended. "    Anna Alekner, Heartsong Review


"As a Reiki Master, I highly recommend REIKI, The Gentle Art CD to all of my Reiki Level 1 students. This encourages them to give themselves Reiki, and enforces all of what they have learned. Thank you to Pat Cyr for this amazing Reiki CD, and Richard Schulman for his music. Namaste!"    AG, Reiki Master

"A meeting with the divine in each of us."    C. Smith, Unity Minister

"It takes me to a very deep level beyond censorship and I soak in the affirmations like a sponge."    A. Girard, Artist

"Everybody out here (Edmonton) has heard it and everybody wants it!"    B. De Paoli, Reiki Master

"We are definitely going to sell this tape!"    D. Hewlett,Banyen Sound