Reiki Treatments

"Reiki has brought a balance to my life that I did not think possible. After years of suffering chronic pain, I am able to control my pain and enjoy life to its fullest."    J.M.

"After my session with you, I was intrigued by what my body was saying about my life-- I had never considered that life (events) could be causing my issues... I consider Reiki an investment in my life...the long life that I will have..."    IF

"I was referred to Pat for Reiki by my physiotherapist after a serious fall where I experienced serious head trauma. In fact, I was referred many times but I resisted because I didn't think Reiki would help me. After my first session my very dark nightmares stopped and I was finally able to sleep. My anxiety disappeared and has not returned. After each session Pat can tell me what is going on with me…it is quite eerie but definitely works. I highly recommend her to you. I am so thankful I took the plunge."    SS

"You have no idea what you have done for me Pat. I have already passed information on to one person and will keep praising you and your "gift" to others when the opportunity arises. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH."    AT