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The Reiki method of natural healing is a gentle means of bringing balance and harmony to the body and mind. It promotes a higher energy level, boosts the immune system and enhances the body's ability to heal itself.

Composed and played in a heightened state by a Reiki master and practitioner, the music and voice hold a high gentle vibration that will draw you into an expanded, receptive state.

Richard Shulman is a master musician of a very high vibration. In addition to having several albums and a musical to his credit Richard has the unique ability to tune into one's soul and to play that soul's song. In this case he has tuned into the essence of Reiki and brought it masterfully forth on waves of sound. You will feel yourself flowing in waves of bliss as this music and Reiki enfold you.

Reiki: The Gentle Art self-treatment MP3 is 54 minutes long. Enjoy!

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