Reiki Classes

"I feel relaxed or less stress after a session and one some days can really quiet down the mental chatter."    L.F.

"Patricia is an excellent teacher as well as practitioner of Reiki. She has opened my mind and body to new ways of obtaining balance in my life. Years of pain and stress-related illness are now manageable, if not completely gone. Reiki has enhanced the effect of my physiotherapy and acupuncture and lessened my recovery time remarkably."    J.M.

"I definitely have more energy. For logical people, it kind of defies logic...how just taking time to relax and gentle touch can do that... I am "warmer" than I was...my hands are warm, my feet have warmth. - I am less tired than I was. I sleep better than I did.... I am intrigued to do some work to address my issues... and to learn more and do level two when the time is right..."    IF

"A lot of things were awakened in me."    L.C.

Yesterday was amazing...it went so fast... I was invigorated, or maybe empowered is a better word... that I can now have impact on things that I didn’t think I could. I.F.