The Chakras: Blueprint For Behaviour

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel' or 'turning' and our chakras are points where our energy is most concentrated. They are dynamic vortices, hubs where energy is said to enter or leave the body or from which energy flows within the body.

How much energy is flowing through a particular chakra greatly impacts how we see the world. Most people are dominant in one of the chakras and that dominance determines our world view along with our major strengths and issues. Yogic philosophy outlines seven such world views or levels of consciousness, each one related to one of the major chakras. You could say there are seven themes to personality. We progress from the first to the seventh as we grow and evolve. It is very much like wearing coloured glasses with each level of consciousness sporting its own unique colour; hence we see reality differently at each level.

The chakras and how they affect our world view and behaviour are the topics of this workshop. Also, participants are taught a variety of techniques to rebalance and energize the chakras. Having this knowledge helps you clarify what issues are really about and then gives you the tools to turn things around whether the problem comes from a physical, emotional or mental level.

You don't need special gifts or knowledge to work with this knowledge, you simply need a willingness to observe and then implement the solution which is right for you. Lecturettes, short visualizations, verbal and written exercises as well as group process and discussions make this a rich exploration of these energy centres.

This 2-day workshop is a must for anyone who wishes to:

  • • Learn how chakras affect behaviour and health
  • • See what's really going on behind the 'games people play'
  • • Learn powerful techniques to work with their chakras.
  • • Find new ways of handling difficult people
  • • Deepen their knowledge about the chakras

When: See Events Page

Where: Brockville TBA


Cost: $300